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The Industrial Law Society is unique

Unique because we draw our membership from the whole spectrum of those interested in the debate surrounding work, the worker and the law; members are tribunal judges, appellate judges, academics from professors to students, trades unionists, solicitors, barristers, personnel professionals, mediators and conciliators.

Unique because our members benefit from that diversity which informs the debate at all our evening meetings and conferences.

Unique because we run evening meetings which are free to members. Pre-pandemic they were held in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Currently the Society provides online webinars free of charge to members.

Unique because the Society’s journal, The Industrial Law Journal is a peer review publication with an international reputation which is sent free to members every quarter.

Unique because members can get online access to the Journal and its back editions.

Unique because at our Annual Conference in September conference members can attend workshops, debates and lectures given by all sides of industry at significant discounts.

Membership runs from January to December each year

2023 Individual membership is only £75. If you opt to automatically renew Individual membership each year after joining, the Individual membership fee is reduced by £5

Full-time student and unwaged membership fee is £25. If you opt to automatically renew Full-time student/unwaged membership rate each year after joining, the fee is reduced by £5

Corporate membership £150 for voluntary not for profit organisations, £180 for Trade union and Employers organisations and £350 for all other firms and organisations. If you opt to automatically renew Corporate membership each year after joining, the Corporate membership fee is reduced by £5.

A nominal fee of £7 is payable to become an affiliated member of the International Society for Labour Law and Social Security.

Please note we are only able process visa/debit payments made on-line.

If you wish to pay for membership by cheque please download or request an application form from the Society’s co-ordinator Please note that the Society’s membership year runs from January to December irrespective of when members join.

Do please contact us if we can answer any questions about membership of the Society.

All of our events offer BSB and SRA accreditation.

Details of our Privacy Policy can be obtained here.