This meeting will be held in Newcastle at The University of Northumbria, School of Law, City Campus East-1 at 6pm, finishing at about 7.30pm.  We hope that the session will be held in the Harvard Lecture Theatre and details of location at the University will be posted on line as soon as possible.

Synopsis: Michael Malone considers the following questions and the relevant case law.

Are the cases of the Colorado bakers who refused on conscience grounds to bake cakes with symbols condemning same sex marriage the mirror image of Ashers? Should the the defence in Ashers be confined to explicit ‘message’ cases? In particular, would the case in which the New Mexico Supreme Court upheld a claim against a wedding photographer (Elane Photography) have had the same outcome in Britain and would Masterpiece Cakeshop have had a different outcome?

The Court of Appeal in Ladele rejected the contention that proportionality required the employer to offer restricted duties by way of compromise. Are there however circumstances in which alternative arrangements must be offered to employees who refuse on grounds of religion or belief to carry out specific duties relating to same sex marriage or same sex couples?

In the two Page cases the claimant was removed from his offices because of the very public manner in which he expressed his views on adoption by same sex couples (including a televised discussion with Piers Morgan) and the lack of prior notice or consultation. Are there however circumstances in which an employer could feel bound to take action for the mere expression of such views rather than the manner of expression; and could a finding of direct discrimination be avoided in such a case?

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Start Date: 22 Oct 2019